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Our team

We are passionate about food

Butterfly Equity is a Los Angeles-based private equity firm specializing in the food sector from seed to fork across the following key verticals: agriculture & aquaculture, food & beverage products, food distribution and foodservice. Our team has significant experience across food, private equity and technology and has been involved in investing more than $5 billion of equity capital in companies ranging from growth-stage to Fortune 500 enterprises.

  • agriculture & aquaculture

    Food producers, including input providers, growers and processors

  • food & beverage products

    Consumer packaged goods within food and beverage

  • Food Distribution

    Companies involved in the logistics of food

  • Foodservice

    Restaurants and other providers of culinary services

We partner with leading disruptors in the food industry.
We provide access to capital, operational expertise and technology to accelerate growth and generate outsized returns. We drive transformation and value creation through strong partnerships between visionary management teams and Butterfly’s team of highly-specialized investors, operators and technical experts.

We are passionate about making an impact through food. Alongside the launch of Butterfly Equity, we created the Butterfly Equity Foundation based on the belief that food and food-related issues are a critical path to addressing urgent matters of community health, welfare and opportunity. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the stated mission to provide greater access to nutritious and affordable food for underserved populations. For more information, please visit the foundation.