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Pacifico Aquaculture

Based in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, Pacifico Aquaculture is a leader in sustainable aquaculture that produces premium striped bass. The company is the world’s first and only producer of ocean-raised striped bass. Pacifico’s striped bass are sold through well-known distributors, food retailers and restaurants across North America.

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Modern Market

Modern Market is a Denver-based farm-to-table fast casual restaurant company offering healthy, high-quality, sustainably-sourced, scratch-made fare at an attractive price point. Modern Market’s menu features a variety of protein-centric plates and bowls, garden fresh salads, toasted sandwiches and brick oven pizzas served in a comfortable and highly-convenient format well-suited to meet the rapidly-changing demands of the modern restaurant consumer.

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Lemonade is a Los Angeles-based restaurant company offering healthy, farmer’s market-inspired foods at affordable prices to guests in a relaxed, eco-friendly space. Lemonade captures the California spirit of culinary adventure and an appreciation for the freshest seasonal ingredients. Executed in a celebratory atmosphere, the restaurants put an emphasis on convenience and affordability, while placing the customer at the center of the user experience.

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